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Velma Combos in MultiVersus »

The fitting combos assist to boost the efficiency of your characters. Right here, now we have listed Velma Combos in MultiVersus.

Velma Combos in MultiVersus

Each MultiVersus character has a distinctive set of combos. These embrace combos that allow you to change how your assaults work.

You possibly can choose and practice with the precise combos to boost the efficiency of your characters. With this, you possibly can even make them the perfect general in MultiVersus.

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One factor is to have the perfect combos in MultiVersus. One other is to put it to use successfully to have a aggressive edge.

You may also select a single set for all characters. Nevertheless, it isn’t the most suitable choice if you’d like the perfect on your characters in MultiVersus.

Velma has been fixing mysteries since many individuals had been nonetheless in diapers. She possesses an insatiable urge for food for solutions and is taken into account an knowledgeable nostril for information excellent for mystery-solving.

Velma is at present the undisputed tremendous sleuth of Mysetery, Inc., which adventured along with her good friend’s uncover criminals and bust hoaxes.

Velma Combos in MultiVersus

Right here, now we have listed Velma Combos in MultiVersus.

Enter information for Velma

  1. Down Assault: Down assault on the bottom
  2. Impartial Assault: Assault on the bottom
  3. Aspect Assault: Aspect assault on the bottom
  4. Up Assault: Up assault on the bottom
  5. Up Particular: Up Particular on the bottom

Velma combos in MultiVersus

  1. Air Down + Assault, Air Up + Particular, Bounce Cancel, Air Up + Assault
  2. Air Down + Assault, Bounce Cancel, Air Dodge Up, Air Up + Assault
  3. Aspect Assault, Aspect Assault, Up Assault


Velma strikes in MultiVersus

Fundamental assaults

  1. Brilliant Concept/Brilliant Air-Concept – Up + Assault
  2. Calculated Victory/My Glasses! – Down + Assault
  3. Quip Grasp/Mild ‘Em Up – Aspect + Assault
  4. Supportive Phrases – Impartial + Assault

Particular assaults

  1. Quick Thinker/Hit The Books – Aspect + Particular
  2. Motivational Speaker – Impartial + Particular
  3. Unfold The Information – Down + Particular
  4. Poisonous Concoction/Shutterbug – Up + Particular

Passive skills

  1. Getting the hand of doing Aspect Air as near the bottom as doable is a superb method to hit your opponents.
  2. Her Air Aspect Assault has a big hitbox that may destroy your opponents.
  3. SNOOPIN’ – Through the match, EVIDENCE will seem, and a few of Velma’s strikes will spawn EVIDENCE. Velma and her ally can choose up EVIDENCE to extend her EVIDENCE METER. When the meter is full, Velma can name a POLICE CAR. The POLICE CAR will drive to and choose up the closest enemy, DISABLE them, and try to drive them off the map. Enemies should STRUGGLE to flee the POLICE CAR. The opposite enemy teammate can assault the automobile to try to free their teammate.
  4. The second Aspect Assault may be cancelled into an Up Assault.
  5. Velma’s go-to killing blow transfer is her Up Assault as it would ship them off the stage with ease.
  6. Velma’s Aspect Assaults have three hits to them simply as many of the roster’s grounded Aspect Assaults.



The Velma Combos in MultiVersus have been listed above.

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Velma Combos in MultiVersus

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