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The correct combos assist to boost the efficiency of your characters. Right here, we’ve got listed Shaggy Combos in MultiVersus.

Shaggy Combos in MultiVersus

Each MultiVersus character has a distinctive set of combos. These embrace combos that allow you to change how your assaults work.

You may choose and prepare with the fitting combos to boost the efficiency of your characters. With this, you possibly can even make them one of the best general in MultiVersus.

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One factor is to have one of the best combos in MultiVersus. One other is to put it to use successfully to have a aggressive edge.

Shaggy Combos in MultiVersus

You may also select a single set for all characters. Nonetheless, it isn’t the most suitable choice if you’d like one of the best to your characters in MultiVersus.

Shaggy, also referred to as Norville Rogers, is a personality who got here from Scooby-Doo! It’s referred to the powerhouse of unknown origin on the official MultiVersus web site.

Shaggy’s potential to enter rage is because of its passive state. It has specific strikes which hit more durable and might cowl extra space when he’s enraged.

Beneath, we’ve got listed Shaggy Combos in MultiVersus.


Enter information for Shaggy

  1. Down Assault: Down assault on the bottom
  2. Aspect Assault: Aspect assault on the bottom
  3. Up Assault: Up assault on the bottom
  4. Up Particular: Up Particular on the bottom

Shaggy Combos in MultiVersus

  1. Aspect Assault, Aspect Assault
  2. Aspect Assault, Aspect Assault, Up Assault
  3. Down Assault, Aspect Assault, Aspect Assault
  4. Aspect Assault, Aspect Assault, Up Assault, Up Particular
  5. Down Assault, Aspect Assault, Aspect Assault, Down Assault
  6. Down Assault, Aspect Assault, Aspect Assault, Down Assault, Down Assault

Shaggy strikes in MultiVersus

Primary assaults

  1. Combo Meal/Like, Knee Strike – Aspect + Assault
  2. Knuckle Sandwich/Flurrious Ft – Impartial + Assault
  3. Like, Overhead Swing!/Flying Slacker Smack – Up + Assault
  4. Energy Stomp/Get Down, Man – Down + Assault

Particular assaults

  1. Chiller Intuition Kick – Aspect + Particular
  2. Like, Feed The Starvation/Like, C’Mere Man! – Down + Particular
  3. Energy Uppercut – Up + Particular
  4. Zoinks! – Impartial + Particular

Passive talents

  1. Allies who develop into ENRAGED will deal most STACKS of WEAKENED on their subsequent MELEE assault, however ENRAGED shall be consumed afterward.
  2. It has unimaginable accuracy and a tremendous touchdown possibility.
  3. One among Shaggy’s greatest strikes is impartial air, which is a multi-hit assault.
  4. Shaggy begins with a sandwich as a result of he is Shaggy.
  5. Shaggy’s RAGED particular assaults hit more durable and transfer additional. Moreover, give him ARMOR throughout the assault and deal most stacks of WEAKENED DEBUFF to hit enemies. RAGE is consumed after a particular assault. Allies with a small RAGE will deal most WEAKENED on their subsequent assault, however RAGE shall be consumed afterwards.



The Shaggy Stark Combos in MultiVersus have been listed above.

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Shaggy Combos in MultiVersus

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