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Jake Combos in MultiVersus »

The correct combos assist to reinforce the efficiency of your characters. Right here, we have now listed Jake Combos in MultiVersus.

Jake Combos in MultiVersus

Each MultiVersus character has a distinctive set of combos. These embody combos that allow you to change how your assaults work.

You possibly can choose and prepare with the best combos to reinforce the efficiency of your characters. With this, you may even make them one of the best total in MultiVersus.

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One factor is to have one of the best combos in MultiVersus. One other is to put it to use successfully to have a aggressive edge.

Jake Combos in MultiVersus

You may also select a single set for all characters. Nonetheless, it isn’t the best choice in order for you one of the best in your characters in MultiVersus.

Jake has a wierd character, though it’s identified for its bruising potential. It may possibly take care of and take lots of bruisers.

Jake is stretchy, making it tough to handle, as seen by his up particular.


Beneath, we have now listed Jake Combos in MultiVersus.

Enter information for Jake

  1. Air (e.g. S-Air): Aerial assault within the corresponding path
  2. D: Down
  3. DC: Dodge Cancel
  4. Jab: Facet assault on the bottom
  5. Gentle (e.g. S-Gentle): Floor assault within the corresponding path
  6. N: Impartial
  7. S: Facet
  8. Particular (e.g. S-Particular): Particular assault within the corresponding path
  9. U: Up

Jake Combos in MultiVersus

  1. Jab 1, U-Gentle
  2. Jab 1, N-Particular
  3. N-Air, D-Air
  4. D-Air 1, N-Air
  5. N-Air, S-Air
  6. S-Air, N-Air
  7. U-Air 1, N-Air
  8. N-Air, N-Particular
  9. D-Air 1, DC, N-Particular
  10. D-Air 1, DC, U-Particular
  11. S-Particular, N-Air
  12. U-Particular, U-Air
  13. U-Particular, N-Air

Jake strikes in MultiVersus

Primary assaults

  1. Eat Spikes!/Stomach Bump – Impartial + Assault
  2. Funky Junk – Facet + Assault
  3. Splits!/The place’s My Halfpipe? – Down + Assault
  4. You Axe’d For It!/Mace In Yo Face – Up + Assault

Particular assaults

  1. Giddy Up! – Facet + Particular
  2. Rubber Abdomen, Dude! – Impartial + Particular
  3. Stretchin’ Out – Up + Particular
  4. That is Heavy, Dude – Down + Particular

Passive skills

Jake doesn’t have any passive skills.



The Jake Combos in MultiVersus have been listed above.

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Jake Combos in MultiVersus

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