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Is ‘Seize Now, Type It Later’ Itself an Assault on Liberty?

Yves right here. Lambert was early to establish what he referred to as “authoritarian followership” amongst Crew Dem. It’s now going to its logical conclusion because the Democrats and even many supposedly lefties are effective with the trashing of civil rights and liberty if that expedites bringing down Hair Furore.

By Thomas Neuburger. Initially revealed at God’s Spies

“In Trump-related circumstances, the DOJ has pushed the tactical envelope in all the identical methods it has with different varieties of unpopular defendants over time, solely it’s finished so with a disturbing … presumption that the general public desires them to paint exterior the strains greater than ever, and deal much more cruelly with targets. The DOJ has political winds at its again[that] it lacked even within the early Battle on Terror days.”
—Matt Taibbi, writing in regards to the growing energy of the prosecutorial state

“The FBI has at all times been a instrument of repression of left-wing actions.”
—Alex Vitale, writer of The Finish of Policing

“The CIA just isn’t your pal.”
—Edward Snowden, right here

Two issues could be true on the similar time:

• Donald Trump could be an indefensible excuse for a president and characterize a hazard to the Republic (the formal establishment of our authorities).

• On the similar time, the Nationwide Safety State could be exercising an influence seize the likes of which can finish each our democracy and our republican model of it.

After all, each issues may also be false, or only one true. If I had been a novelist, I’d make each issues true. However that’s only a novelist’s view. Let’s see what we discover once we take a real-world view.

The As soon as and Future Hazard

I take it as a on condition that Trump is a harmful president. You can provide your causes, in case you have them, as simply as I can provide mine. Our lists may even match.

The purpose is to not argue our lists. The purpose is to surprise what made liberals — individuals who used to hate “spook state” brokers just like the FBI and CIA — immediately love them, help their penetration of media by way of “unaffiliated” spokespeople, and blind themselves to the conversion of J. Edgar Hoover’s prison, blackmail enterprise into fashionable angels of democratic deliverance within the current American thoughts?

A latest democratic angel of such deliverance is George W. Bush, he of torture and warfare crimes fame. One other is from the Cheney household, Trump-hating Liz Cheney, enemy of all that progressives maintain pricey save her animosity towards the Earlier Occupant.

Are both of them mates of freedom? Not if you happen to take a look at them — or retain the illusion of a reminiscence — however they’re definitely praised as such, today that’s. Some Democrats may even finance her run for the presidency, ought to she select to make one.

The lovable Mr. Bush, welcomed again to the fold

Who’s the as soon as and future hazard? Is it solely Trump?

Hoover’s FBI, in fact, has been credibly linked to the homicide of Malcolm Xand much less credibly linked to the homicide of Martin Luther King. And the misdeeds of the Nationwide Safety State writ massive are quite a few and indefensible. From the homicide of People by the CIA drone operation(2010), to spying on the Supreme Court docket by the FBI (2012), to outright and unpunished mendacity beneath oath to Congress by Director of Nationwide Intelligence James Clapper (2017) — it’s stunning to me that fervent defenders of democracy, of us to the left of the Proper, your folks and mine, have develop into their quick mates as properly, some even their defenders.

So surprisingly sturdy is the protection of the FBI by its former attackers that even the venerable of us at Democracy Now are looking. Describing a latest broadcast, they wrote (all bolded emphasis mine):

“There Are Good Causes to Defund the FBI. They Have Nothing to Do with Trump” “Defund the FBI” is the rising name by Republicans after the FBI searched former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago property. We get response from Alex Vitale, writer of “The Finish of Policing,” who lays out causes to defund the FBI that don’t have anything to do with Trump. Vitale critiques the historical past of the FBI, which he says has “at all times been a instrument of repression of left-wing actions,” and calls the FBI investigation into Trump a “shortsighted” try to shut down a few of the most excessive components of the best wing. He uplifts efforts to “scale back the ability and scope of the FBI in ways in which restrict their potential to demonize and criminalize these on the left.”

Has Trump made us blind, or has the prosecutorial state reformed itself?

Is that query even being requested?

The DOJ’s Trojan Horse

All this leads me to advocate a full learn of a sequence that appeared lately at Matt Taibbi’s Substack website. In a chunk referred to as “What Occurred to America’s Civil Libertarians?” Taibbi particulars how disturbing it’s for readers to even see these doubts expressed:

Over the weekend I revealed a function on Justice Division use of bullying ways and unfair practices, referred to as “The Justice Division Was Harmful Earlier than Trump. It’s Out of Management Now.” Even though the majority of the article targeted on targets broadly sympathetic to the left, just like the late radical lawyer Lynne Stewart and a civil rights agency in Baltimore raided for the crime of representing one other lawyer, a flood of emails and social media posts ensued, most on the predictable theme that this piece [—] filled with information and testimonials by folks aside from myself [—] was right-wing grift: “What occurred to you, man?”

However the piece he refers to is stable and solidly researched. I strongly advocate studying all of it.

In it he examines the usage of “taint groups” by the FBI, a observe whereby they go right into a goal’s workplace, typically a lawyer defending somebody beneath investigation, and scoop up every little thing they will discover, with the intention of assigning certainly one of their very own (however “not a part of the investigation”) to have a look at every little thing and type it out later. They’ve been doing this lengthy earlier than Trump took middle stage.

Judges had been particularly upset with prosecutors who had been making the most of technological adjustments to grab lots of digital information — normally computer systems or cell telephones containing personal data exterior the scope of the warrant request — and, in defiance of courts, retaining that data. In a case involving seizure of emails from a protection contractor suspected of a kickback scheme, a D.C. Justice of the Peace named John Facciola expressed concern that the federal government would “hold information indefinitely” although it’s “unlawful” to refuse to return “seized paperwork not described in a warrant.” Facciola, who’d handled this subject greater than as soon as, blew his prime … [but he was] overturned by a decide, Richard Roberts, who stated the federal government’s take-everything, construct-probable-cause-later technique was okay as long as there was “ample probability of discovering some needles within the laptop haystack.” This was the form of judicial recommendation the feds appreciated: seize now, fear later.

Of 1 such raid of the legislation workplace of Joshua Treem, “the lawyer of the lawyer of a suspect,” Taibbi writes:

The U.S. Legal professional’s workplace in Maryland had lengthy been pursuing a lawyer named Ken Ravenell, one of many prime prison attorneys in Baltimore, believing he was basically a part of the prison operation of a Jamaican marijuana kingpin named Richard Byrd. That the feds raided Ravenell’s workplace in 2014 was one factor. The actual shocker got here in 2019, when the U.S. Legal professional and the I.R.S. raided the legislation workplace of Ravenell’s lawyer, Joshua Treem. If the Lynne Stewart case was about intimidating the lawyer of a suspect, this case was about intimidating the lawyer of the lawyer of a suspect. The DOJ didn’t simply take Treem’s recordsdata. It took enormous quantities of knowledge and recordsdata from the agency the place Treem was and is a companion, Brown, Goldstein, and Levy. This group of attorneys had been repeatedly acknowledged as a prime agency by U.S. Information and World Report and Finest Attorneys in America, with a number of attorneys profitable annual “Baltimore Lawyer of the Yr” awards, together with Treem himself. Regardless of their standing, the Justice Division handled Treem’s agency like terror suspects, delivering a shock search replete with armed, kevlar-clad brokers, on the idea of a warrant issued in an ex parte listening to with a district decide, which means the agency had no probability to contest the raid. The Brown, Goldstein, and Levy attorneys had been in a state of shock. “For a civil rights legislation workplace, mid-morning on a enterprise day, in the course of Baltimore, they felt the necessity to get absolutely armed,” says Treem, laughing in amazement as he recollects the scene. “They by no means even despatched a subpoena,” says fellow companion Kobie Flowers. “That was a part of our argument later within the Fourth Circuit. We’re all officers of the court docket. All of us have moral duties to observe. We are able to’t destroy proof. Had you simply despatched a subpoena for these items, we might have given it over to you.

Why do all this?

One consequence of turning into a prison suspect was that Treem, who’d obtained a goal letter six months earlier than, had a battle of curiosity that prevented him from defending Ravenell, which in fact might need been a part of the purpose. “I needed to withdraw from representing my shopper,” says Treem. “As soon as I bought the goal letter, I needed to advise my present purchasers and any individuals who had been calling me to ask for illustration.” Requested if such ways might be interpreted as a message, that any lawyer who desires to remain in enterprise ought to suppose twice about representing somebody the federal government is critical about pursuing, Flowers stated the intimidation issue goes additional than that. “On the one hand, it’s a method transfer. They get to kick Josh off the case,” he stated. “However the subsequent step, or a corollary to that thought, is: for a lot of prison protection attorneys, it causes them to query whether or not they wish to be on this career?

The FBI and DOJ additionally get a peek — and probability to repeat and use with out revealing their sources to the protection — the entire communication and recordsdata of the entire different attorneys on the agency. What’s the good thing about that? Taibbi solutions:

The authorities took 37,000 emails from Treem’s inbox alone, of which solely 62 had been from Ravenell or contained his title. Treem’s agency had over twenty attorneys, recordsdata about whom had been taken into the custody of a separate workplace of the Maryland U.S. Legal professional’s workplace. As a decide within the case later wrote, referencing Treem and Ravenell as Lawyer A and Shopper A: An “intensive” portion of the seized emails had been “from different [Law Firm] attorneys regarding . . . different attorneys’ purchasers that haven’t any reference to th[e] investigation[s]” of Lawyer A and Shopper A. Notably, a few of these Legislation Agency purchasers “are being investigated by, or are being prosecuted by, the US Legal professional’s Workplace [for the District of Maryland] for unrelated crimes.” In different phrases, the U.S. Legal professional’s workplace in Maryland determined to cruise by means of the protection recordsdata of purchasers that very same workplace was already investigating and/or prosecuting.

Is the Justice Division uncontrolled on the subject of its prosecutorial powers and talents? Has the Nationwide Safety State, of which the FBI and the DOJ are half, slipped its leash because of 9/11 and our new-found love of creating life depressing for terrorists?

The completely detained and never-to-be-tried at Guantánamo Bay
Has the FBI, within the phrases of certainly one of its liberal defenders, “reformed and modernized”? Or is it, in Taibbi’s phrases, “a Trojan Horse, inside which the Justice Division has assembled a military for a grand assault on civil liberties”?

Left and Proper vs. Proper and Incorrect

These questions are presently dealt with by means of a left vs. proper framework. I’d argue they need to be dealt with by means of a proper vs. flawed framework. “Is the criticism true or not?” is a unique query than “Does it assist Trump or not?”

If the nation turns into an authoritarian hellhole, it might not be the Proper that’s in cost. The nationwide safety state, with bipartisan help, is already a candidate.

After all, a lonely author and some thousand loyal readers aren’t going to determine this matter for the nation. The nation will determine for itself which spinning wheels it desires to be dazzled by.

I wait with bated breath for the day it decides. I’ll launch that breath after I see what flows from the outcome.

And I hope to God that the outcome just isn’t presaged by the strains of the well-known poem “First they got here…”, whose center verse may quickly be revised to say: “Then they got here for Trump, however I hated the bastard, so f-ck him.”



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