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Garnet Combos in MultiVersus »

The proper combos assist to reinforce the efficiency of your characters. Right here, we have now listed Garnet Combos in MultiVersus.

Garnet Combos in MultiVersus

Each MultiVersus character has a novel set of combos. These embody combos that allow you to change how your assaults work.

You may choose and prepare with the best combos to reinforce the efficiency of your characters. With this, you may even make them the most effective general in MultiVersus.

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One factor is to have the greatest combos in MultiVersus. One other is to put it to use successfully to have a aggressive edge.

Garnet Combos in MultiVersus

You may also select a single set for all characters. Nevertheless, it’s not the best choice in order for you the most effective to your characters in MultiVersus.

Garnet’s character was constructed to bruise. Her bruising strikes will be generally disastrous, particularly on her impartial assaults on the bottom and within the air.

Garnet’s site-neutral assault within the air is brutal to hit. It’s essential to place appropriately for land over the past strike.

Under, we have now listed Garnet Combos in MultiVersus.


Enter information for Garnet

  1. Down Assault: Down assault on the bottom
  2. Aspect Assault: Aspect assault on the bottom
  3. Up Assault: Up assault on the bottom
  4. Up Particular: Up Particular on the bottom

Garnet Combos in MultiVersus

  1. Aspect Assault, Up Assault
  2. Aspect Assault, Down Assault
  3. Down Assault, Aspect Assault, Aspect Particular
  4. Aspect Assault, Aspect Assault
  5. Aspect Assault, Up Assault, Up Particular
  6. Down Particular, Down Assault, Aspect Assault, Aspect Particular, Down Particular

Garnet strikes in MultiVersus

Fundamental assaults

  1. Crystal Combo/Flying Combo: Aspect + Assault
  2. Double Jab/Leaping Jabber: Up + Assault
  3. Gauntlet Strike/Starburst: Impartial + Assault
  4. Stunning Slam/Meteor Punch: Down + Assault

Particular assaults

  1. Gem Sprint – Down + Particular
  2. Rocket Fisti – Aspect + Particular
  3. Spark of Love/Flying Crossarm – Up + Particular
  4. Stronger Than You – Impartial + Particular

Passive skills

No Passives.



The Garnet Combos in MultiVersus have been listed above.

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Garnet Combos in MultiVersus

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