Bora Bora Sharks – Feeding, Diving & Sites (All You Must Know)

Bora Bora Sharks – Feeding, Diving & Sites (All You Must Know)

Bora Bora is an interesting island anyone in the world would love to visit because of unique beauties on it. If you travel a lot and you have not visited French Polynesia’s leading lady, then you have not started. It has lots of unique beauties like the cottages above the water, fine sandy beaches, the mountain Otemanu and the sharks. See Bora Bora Cool and Fun facts

bora bora sharks

Of all these unique beauties, the one that tourists find most interesting are sharks in Bora Bora. We are going look into all thr interesting places of the island but our focus will be on the sharks. I will advise you not to skip any section as each is as important as the other.

About Bora Bora

Bora Bora is an island located in northwest of Tahiti in French Polynesia. Tahiti is the largest island in French Polynesia. It is has a sharp of 8 according to the map.

Tahiti and Bota Bora are not really the same but they belong to one group of Island which is Society Island. This group comprises leeward island and windward island. Tahiti belong to the windward island while Bora Bora belong to the leeward.

Bora is paste free that is and is surrounded by lagoon and a barrier reef. It has Mount Otemanu (Temanu; 2,385 feet [727 metres]) and  Mount Pahia (2,159 feet [658 metres]) as its highest peaks.

Bora Bora Cottages

Bora Bora Cottages

This is one of the interesting thing about this island.  You will find lots of beautiful underwater bungalows you will definitely enjoy spending your honeymoon on.
The overwater bungalows are reasonably large, and there are  great variety of restaurants, bars, and activities available on Bora Bora Island. If you need information about Bora Bora overwater villa resources that will help you to better decide which type of overwater villa resort to choose for your next vacation, then check out this site.

Bora Bora Beaches

bora bora beaches

Another interesting beauty you will see in Bora Bora is the sandy beaches with their unique colors. Looking at the pictures of the beach will make you think they are photoshoped  but I can tell you that the beaches are even more beautiful than the pictures. If you think am exaggerating, then take a look at this website and see for yourself.
You will see a white sandy beaches and a shallow water that will make you think of nothing else than to take pictures.


bora bora mountain
Bora Bora has two mountains which are Mount Otemanu and Mount Pahia. These mountains are as a result of remains of an extinct volcano, split into two distinct black stone peaks. These two black stone peaks are the mountains.
Mountain Otemanu has a cave know as Anau Cave, the Sacred Cave of Anau, or Te Ana Opea cave . The cave is a hiking route which climbs the northeastern side of the mountain through brush, meadows, and steep climbs to visit a massive cave with nesting seabirds and outstanding views. The cave is divided into three areas which are – (1) the parking area to the colorful rock wall, (2) the colorful rock wall to the cliff face gully, and (3) the cliff face gully to the cave entrance. I know you will like to see all these places when you visit Bora Bora.

The Sharks In Bora bora

The Sharks In Bora bora

Because of the presence of green lagoons in Bora Bora, there are sharks, but these sharks are not dangerous due to the fact they are used to the presence of people. In as much as the sharks are not dangerous and this can be supported by the saying that you are likely to be injured from a coconut falling on top of your head than from a shark, I will not advise you to dive alone or feed the sharks by hand, I will talk more on that later.

Type of shark in Bora Bora

The most common type of shark you’ll find is Blacktip reef sharks. They’re not aggressive, so you can easily get close to them. They stays in the tropical coral reefs and prefer to swim in inshore waters. This type of shark get familiar with their surroundings and don’t change them for years.

Blacktip reef sharks’ food is usually fish and other small animals like crustaceans and cephalopods. They’re also known for hunting sea snakes and sea birds.

Blacktip reef sharks

The most common thing about them is their dorsal fin, which is always shown above the water. That’s how people see them coming. And with their length of 1.6 meters, they’re impossible to miss.

Another type of shark you will find in Bora Bora are Lemon sharks. Arava, or sickle-fin lemon shark (Negaprion acutidens), can reach up to a size greater than 10ft. This shark is impressive, yet reserves his sharp teeth for fish which means it’s safe.

Other sharks in Bora Bora includes Whitetip sharks, gray sharks, and hammerhead sharks. Seeing them will make your diving an amazing one.

Sharks In Bora Bora Lagoon

Bora Bora Lagoon is almost full of sharks and other species of water animals like turtles. When you get to the lagoon, you will see the amazing plethora of fish, stingrays and turtles up to the sharks. The owners of the lagoon are Blacktip reef sharks and the Lemon sharks. Just like I said earlier  they are harmless and you shouldn’t miss it once you get to the lagoon.

What You Can Do With The Sharks

There are some activities you will enjoy with the sharks as they swim all over the clear blue water.

At first, you can take a boat to the middle of the lagoon and dive into the waters in search of the sharks.

Another thing is the harmless swimming with the sharks, where you can even climb on their backs as well as the unique feeding experience.
I will still talk about shark feeding.

During this time with the sharks, you get to see and know their nature better and understand their habits. If you’re a huge lover of sharks, then you will have the opportunity to get the most out of these activities.
If you will like to get more information on this, see this website.

Shark Feeding

Shark feeding in Bora Bora had make them familiar with some snorkel and dive where tour operators feed sharks and stingrays with small dead fish.

You can board a canoe and watch the spectacle from there or slip into the clear water and watch the guide feed the creatures with their bare hands.

Don’t feed the sharks without the guide because the sharks are predators and have the potential to be dangerous in certain situations. Is only the guide that knows how they do it.
There has not been a deadly shark bite in Bora Bora for over 50 years now, but don’t let the devil use you.

If you are too afraid of the sharks, I will advise you not to go into the water at the first place. You can just remain in the canoe and watch it.

Bora Bora Shark Diving

There’s nothing like diving into the blue waters and finding yourself face to face with these fierce and amazing creatures.

That exact feeling makes the diving with sharks a must to do while you spend your time in Bora Bora Island.

If you will miss any other things while in the island, don’t miss shark diving.
You can do this anytime you visit as you don’t have to worry about about the best time to do this. All year round, you can do this.

The water around the island is incredibly warm with no more than 29°C in the summer period and 26°C during the winter. The summers in Bora Bora can actually be rainy, but that doesn’t affect the water at all. To me, it will make the experience unique.

To get the best experience , it’s a good idea to go to a diving company.

Going to a diving company is to make sure that everything is in order and you can dive without anything bothering you.

If you need companies to get diving packages check out the ones below:

Diving Sites

Bora Bora has lots of diving sites which includes:

Anau: The site is perfect for diving with manta rays because they regularly come to be cleaned as well as to relax and feed. The dive site is now protected and it is only possible to dive there in the morning.:

Aquarium: This site is perfect spot for beginners as it is in a sheltered, shallower part of the Bora Bora lagoon (13–16 feet). Though it’s in the shallower part, you can still find lots of tropical fish and large, colorful coral heads.

Eagle Ray Station: The spot is mainly known for snorkeling due to its depth and ease of access. They are also good for an easy dive with leopard rays.

Grand Canyon: This  is a nice diving site where you can see lemon sharks and eagle rays. The asperities and small tunnels of the site offer good looking passages.

Tapu: This site is close to Teavanui pass. It is the classic Bora Bora shark dive. You will see hundreds of black tip reef sharks and lemon sharks along with giant wrasse, rainbow jacks, eels, tuna and maybe even turtles.

Toopua/Toopua Iti: This is located south-east of bora bora, is only accessible by private boat and enjoys exceptional visibility. Only a few diving centers in Bora Bora such as Top Dive travel to Tupitipiti.

Muri Muri: It is also known as White Valley where you can find grey sharks, turtles, tuna, jacks, giant barracuda and dolphins. You dive above a large coral plateau that leads to a sand bank.

Teavanui Pass: This  dive site is located on the only pass of Bora Bora and is close to Tapu. You can dive with white tip sharks, schools of trevally, tunas, barracudas and manta rays.

Tupai ocean dive: Tupai, is a deserted island located north of Bora Bora. It offers you the opportunity to dive with humpback whales.


Below are some questions and answers associated with sharks in Bora Bora. I have tried my best to make it understandable to you, however if there is anyone you quite don’t understand well then use the comment section and let me know.

Are there sharks in Bora Bora?

Bora Bora is an Island with presence of green lagoons where you can find different types of sharks like Blacktip reef sharks,Lemon sharks, whitetip sharks, gray sharks, and hammerhead sharks. These sharks feeds on fish and other small animals like crustaceans and cephalopods. They are generally not aggressive to humans.

Can you swim in Bora Bora?

Due to the presence of sharks in Bora Bora, some will think that you can’t swim . Well, you can actually swim to the extent of even climbing the sharks if you enjoy playing with them.  One important warning is never to feed the sharks with your bare hands . Another important thing is if you are afraid of sharks, don’t go into the water, rather stay and watch it from the boat.

Are there shark attacks in Bora Bora?

There hasnot been a deadly shark attack in over 50 years in Bora Bora. The sharks are friendly because they are used to humans coming to the lagoon. But considering the vast number of people swimming with sharks in the lagoon of Bora Bora, every day, it is clear that any negative interactions with sharks are rare anomalies.
Rare shark bites involve upper limbs and are often through human error experienced by people who had the poor judgement to try and feed the sharks themselves by hand.

Is it safe to swim with black tip sharks?

Blacktip reef sharks are not aggressive which means you can get close them. They get familiar with their surroundings and don’t change them for years which means they have gotten use to humans that comes to the lagoon on daily basis.  In my opinion, if you are afraid of sharks, then don’t go and swim with the sharks because thre can be a negative interaction between you and the shark. Again if you are swimming with the sharks, never you feed them with your bare hand. Always abide by the rules and allow the guide to do his job.

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